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PhD in Physics 2017

The call for PhD positions in Physics is now open

Candidates can find instructions on how to submit their application on the University of Parma Doctoral studies web site

DEADLINE:  September 5, 2017 (h 13.00)

Schedule of the admission exam:

DATE: September 18, 2017

TIME: please check the schedule of interviews in the pdf document at the bottom of this page

PLACE: Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences – Physics building - Parco Area delle Scienze, 7/A – 43124 PARMA, ITALY


The Oral Exam will focus on the description of the research work carried out to prepare the Graduation Thesis for the Laurea Magistrale/Specialistica, as well as of the research project that the candidate proposes to carry out within the research topics of the Research Doctorate Program in Physics at the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences of the University of Parma. 

In the application to participate in the competitive examination, the candidate must choose and specify one research. The candidate may indicate a second priority choice. The above choice will be binding with regard to the winner's research activity.

Further information on the research topics can be found in the document at the bottom of this page.

Research Topics

1. Modeling gravitational waves from compact binary mergers
2. Regularization of quantum field theories on complexified manifolds
3. Theoretical Physics of fundamental Interactions, complex systems and gravitation
4. Complex dynamics in neural and biological systems: theory and data (topic for fellowship funded by Fondazione Cariparma)
5. Molecular Nanomagnets for Quantum Information Processing
6. Muon spin spectroscopy and radio frequency spin manipulation in molecular nanomagnets
7. Carbon-based nanostructured materials for solid state hydrogen-storage 
8. Human skin collagen structure: biochemical, mechanical and ultra-structural changes caused by ageing
9. Advanced statistics and data science: tools and techniques in data mining and machine learning (topic for fellowship funded by Energee3 S.R.L.)
10. Multi-analytical non-invasive approach for the stratigraphic study of historical musical instruments
11. Monoclonal antibodies modified with photo- and chemotherapeutic agents: red/NIR light-activatable ternary conjugates for therapeutic use (topic for position reserved to holders of scholarship funded by University Ramon Llull)

For information contact: Cristiano Viappiani,  email: cristiano.viappiani@unipr.it


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