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PhD in Mathematics

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School plan

The program is structured in three years and it includes disciplinary activities (courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, schools), interdisciplinary activities (courses, seminars) and research activity

Each PhD student is required to acquire 60 credits (CFU) per year

At least 20 credits should be earned through PhD courses: at least 16 credits through disciplinary courses, and at least 4 credits through interdisciplinary courses. 

Courses should be attended preferably during the first year. At least 40 (resp.50) credits should be earned through research activities during the second (resp. third) year. 

At the beginning of each year the PhD-student writes a plan of activities with her/his Tutor or thesis Supervisor. At the end of each year he/she writes the annual activities report. The forms are below. 

XXXVII cycle - courses  

Courses offered to students enrolled in the Ph.D. in Mathematics include:

XXXVI cycle - courses

Courses offered to students enrolled in the Ph.D. in Mathematics include:

Joint PhD Programs

Parma University established agreements with Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and with Universidade do Minho (Portugual)  to realize  collaborations between our PhD Course in Mathematics and the PhD program in Engineering Science at Katholieke Universiteit Leuwen, the PhD program in Mathematics at Universidade do Minho. 

Each agreement states that the PhD students of either institution who will spend sufficient time the host institution, actively pursuing a research project agreed by both parties and who fulfill requirements for a PhD degree at both institutions will obtain a PhD title from each University. Therefore, students will be awarded a double PhD title

Here below avalilable the agreement between Parma University and  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. The agreement Parma-Minho is in preparation, will be posted soon.

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