Luogo: Aula Newton - Plesso Fisico

Relatore: Bruno Giacomazzo - Università di Trento

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In this talk I will present results of fully general

relativistic simulations of binary neutron star (BNS) mergers and

discuss their connection with current and future astrophysical

observations. BNSs are one of the most promising sources of

gravitational waves (GWs) that we expect to detect in the next few

years with advanced LIGO and Virgo. But they may also emit powerful

electromagnetic signals and they are expected to be behind the engine

powering short gamma-ray bursts (SGRBs). During the first part of the

talk I will discuss the role of BNS merger simulations in predicting

the gravitational wave signal emitted during the merger and its

connection with the equation of state of NS matter. In the second part

I will instead discuss in detail the possible connection between the

central engine of SGRBs and the merger of magnetized neutron stars,

both in the case in which a black hole is promptly formed after merger

and in the case of the formation of a magnetar.


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