Simone Cristofori (Università di Parma)
Titolo: Scalar flat projectively induced Kähler metric

Parte I: Venerdì 10 Novembre, ore 14:30 - Aula A
Parte II: Venerdì 24 Novembre, ore 14:30 - Aula A

Abstract:  An important open problem in Kähler geometry consists in characterizing projectively induced metrics in view of the properties of their curvatures. In this seminar, we address the problem of understand when scalar flat Kähler metrics are projectively induced, studying a class of scalar flat Kähler metrics constructed by A. D. Hwang and M. A. Singer on the total space of a holomorphic line bundle over a Kähler--Einstein manifold. We relate the result with the vanishing of the second coefficient in the asymptotic expansion of the epsilon function associated to the metrics, proving that the vanishing of such coefficient is necessary for these metrics to be projectively induced.

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