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Dottorato di Ricerca in Matematica

PhD in Mathematics

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  • Prof. Ion Daniel Bulacu (Bucarest University) will hold a second series of four online lectures on Monoidal categories versus (quasi-)quantum groups, starting on Friday, Feb. 4th at 11:00. The program is here
    For more information contact Prof. C. Menini

  • The Course  Instability and Bifurcation by Prof. P. Piccione (Sao Paulo University, INDAM Visiting Professor) will be held online, starting from Thursday, Nov. 4th at 15:00 (italian time). Details on each lecture are here
    The link to the video conferences is meet.google.com/sbs-zpwo-bud
  • The course "Spectral Theory for operators in Banach spaces and applications to semigroups" by Prof. L. Lorenzi will be held in the first semester, relying on the lecture notes of Internet Seminar 2021/22 "Spectral theory for operators and semigroups"  (https://isem.unisa.it/isem25/).
    Contact the teacher for more informations. 
  • Prof. John Erik Fornaess (Trondheim University, Norway) will hold a reading course on Holomorphic Dynamics, following the book by Morosawa, Nishimura, Taniguchi, Ueda, "Holomorphic dynamics". The topics of this reading course are holomorphic dynamics in one complex variable, rational dynamics, and dynamics of polynomial automorphisms of C^2. The course load is 7 credits. 
    For further informations contact Prof. A. Benini

  Il Dottorato in Matematica è in convenzione fra le Università di Parma, Modena-Reggio Emilia e Ferrara.

Per i cicli 29, 30, 31 (dottorandi immatricolati negli a.a. 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16) la sede amministrativa è Ferrara;
per i cicli 32, 33, 34 (dottorandi immatricolati negli a.a. 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19) la sede amministrativa è Modena-Reggio;
per i cicli 35, 36, 37 la sede amministrativa è Parma.

Indipendentemente dalla sede amministrativa, a ciascuno studente di Dottorato viene assegnata una sede principale fra le tre, di riferimento per le proprie attività.

L'accesso al Dottorato  è aperto ai laureati magistrali (o con titolo analogo, se laureati all'estero) di ambito scientifico-tecnologico con solide e documentate conoscenze matematiche. 

Le tre sedi offrono complessivamente un'ampia possibilità di scelta sugli studi da intraprendere. Il Collegio dei Docenti è costituito da più di 50 membri, che svolgono attivamente ricerca su numerose tematiche della matematica e della matematica applicata. 

  The Ph.D. degree in Mathematics is a joint program among three Universities: Modena/Reggio Emilia (UniMoRe), Parma (UniPr) and Ferrara (UniFe). It is open to students who are interested in a career in academic research and teaching, as well as in the private and public sectors. Candidates to the program should have a background in hard sciences, including engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, as well as mathematics.

Doctoral students have the chance to attend courses in their areas of specialization. They also perform an extensive period of research, in collaboration with their supervisor. Finally they write and defend a doctoral thesis.

The Universities of Modena/Reggio Emilia, Parma and Ferrara offer a wide training in mathematics and its applications. More than 50 scholars in pure and applied mathematics are members of the PhD board, with a strong expertise in fields as diverse as partial differential equations, probability theory and stochastic processes, geometry and combinatorics, numerical analysis and scientific computation, number theory, mathematical physics.

General Information

The program is structured in three years and it includes disciplinary activities (courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, schools), interdisciplinary activities (courses, seminars) and research activity

Each PhD student is required to acquire 60 credits (CFU) per year. Courses should be attended preferably during the first year. At least 40 (resp.50) credits should be earned through research activities during the second (resp. third) year. 

Other information

Home page PhD at UniFe (Cycle 29, 30, 31): http://www.unife.it/studenti/dottorato/corsi/riforma/matematica

Home page PhD at  UniMoRe (Cycle 32, 33, 34): http://www.mathphd.unimore.it/site/home.html

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