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Soft Matter and Interfaces

3 CFU - Luigi Cristofolini

Time: Second term

3CFU -3 ECTS, divided in a theoretical part, optionally followed by an experimental part.


Theoretical part

Introduction to Soft Matter: its structural and dynamical properties, the experimental techniques to investigate it, and brief reference to the theoretical tools to describe it.

Interfacial systems: from planar interfaces to bubbles, drops, emulsions and foams in increasing order of complexity.

Experimental part

One experiment chosen among the following

- Langmuir Blodgett

- Ellipsometry

- Scanning Electron Microscopy

- Atomic Force Microscopy

- Correlation Spectroscopy (Dynamic Light Scattering & Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy)

- Analysis of data from neutron reflectivity experiments

Readings from the following textbooks will be suggested:

 R.A.L. Jones, Soft Condensed Matter, Oxford University Press 2002.

 O. Lavrentovich, M. Kleman Soft Matter Physics: An Introduction

 J.N. Israelachvili, Intermolecular and Surface Forces, Academic 1985.

 G. Roberts, Langmuir Blodgett Films, Plenum Press (1990)

 S.A. Safran, Statistical Thermodynamics of Surfaces, Interfaces and Membranes, Addison

 Wesley 1994.

 R.G. Larson, The Structure and Rheology of Complex Fluids, Oxford University Press 1999

 R. M. A. Azzam, N. M. Bashara, Ellipsometry and Polarized Light, North Holland, 1988

 Als Nielsen Mc Morrow, Elements of modern X-ray physics, Wiley, (2012)

 J Daillant, A. Gibaud X-ray and Neutron reflectivity: Principles and Applications, Springer (1999)

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