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Transport properties in semiconductors

3 CFU – Antonella Parisini

Learning objectives

The course provides fundamentals for the study of the transport properties of semiconductors and their importance to understand the electronic properties of such compounds and the relation with electronic and optoelectronic applications.

Special focus will be given on:

1. Recalls of band structure theory in semiconductors and the effective mass approximation.

2. Defects (shallow and deep)

3. Transport in 3D semiconductors in the formalism of Boltzmann Equation and Relaxation Time Approximation (RTA)

4. Optional: particular cases: (i) Transport through localized states; (ii) Mixed conduction effects

5. Possible deepening, depending on interest of students:

    Devices (simple p-n junctions, heterostructures, Schottky barrier)

    Transport beyond the RTA

    Quantum magneto-transport (3D, 2D)

Skills acquired by the student at the end of the course:

1. Main approaches to the study of transport properties of semiconductor finalized to investigate the electronic properties of compounds: experiments and models.

2. Correlations between growth conditions, defects and main device performances.

3. Ability to extend simplified models adequate for cubic semiconductors to compounds having lower crystalline symmetry: towards wide bandgap semiconductors and power electronics.

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