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Structure of the PhD course

The PhD in Physics aims to provide the skills that are necessary to carry out research of high scientific and professional qualification in the field of Physics and it is part of the Graduate School in Science and Technology.

The PhD course in Physics has a duration of three years and it is based at the Physics Section of the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences at the University of Parma.

The PhD in Physics consists of the following research areas:

  1. Condensed Matter Physics and Materials
  2. Theoretical Physics
  3. Biophysics and Applied Physics

for which exist common, as well as more specific, training activities.


At the beginning of each cycle, the Doctoral Studies Committee assigns to each student one of the topics advertised in the call and appoint one or two tutors, at least one of whom must be a member of the Doctoral Studies Committee and is the representative for the theme chosen by the student. The Tutors have the task to monitor the training of the student, checking for continuity of participation in various activities with particular regard to the quality and quantity of research results of the PhD student, and report to the Doctoral Studies Committee.

Training Activity

The training project of the PhD candidates is divided into:

  • Research activities;
  • Study activities;
  • Training periods in other Universities, Institutes, Organizations or Research Laboratories at private public entities, in Italy and / or abroad;
  • Support to teaching activities in line with the provisions of the University Regulations;
  • Outreach activities

Research activities related to the doctoral thesis must bring original contributions. It is required that the results are published in international scientific journals of recognized prestige.

The study activity is defined by the Doctoral Board in the PhD outline for each cycle and is divided into:

a) specific courses for Ph.D. students

b) Teachings borrowed from other courses

c) Seminar attendance

d) participation in workshops and national and international specialist schools

e) participation in interdisciplinary activities intended to develop soft skills

Training periods in foreign Universities or Institutes or Research Laboratories at public or private entities for at least three months are strongly recommended.

The support to teaching activities (including tutoring) must be in line with the rules established by the University Regulations and be approved by the Doctoral Board. The educational activities will consist in:

a) assignment of supplementary or ancillary educational tasks (support to exercise and laboratory activities carried out within courses activated in Laurea triennale and Magistrale courses at the University of Parma)

b) collaboration with students in research activities relating to the final examination and thesis.

The outreach activities is considered among the duties of PhD students and takes place within the promotional schemes of the Physics degrees at educational institutions (e.g. high schools) and outreach activities organized by the Department.


Each PhD student will have to acquire 60 Credits (CFU) per year, for a total of 180 credits over three years.

Of the 180 credits total, at least 23 must be earned through study activities and outreach activities (defined in accordance with those reported in the previous art. 4), taking into account the following schematic conversion:

Study activities (range = 20-60 credits in three years):

  • for university courses, 1 CFU is equivalent to 7 hours of lectures and 12 hours of exercises / laboratory;
  • for workshops and schools, 1 CFU per day of activities;
  • for cross training activities, 1 CFU per day of activities;

At least 4 CFU needs to be from disciplinary Courses specific for the PhD in Physics and 4 CFU from interdisciplinary courses. In presence of particular reasons, the Doctoral Studies Committee can derogate from these limits.

To attend courses in other universities PhD students must submit the appropriate authorization request.

Support to teaching activities (range = 0-10 CFU in the three years, with a maximum of 40 hours each year)

  • 1 CFU equals 12 hours of exercises and support to laboratory activities;

Outreach activities (range = 3-10 CFU, in the three years)

  • 1 CFU is equivalent to 8 hours, considering both the preparation and the actual carrying out of the activities;

Training periods in other Universities or Institutes or Research Laboratories at public or private entities, in Italy or abroad:

  • 5 credits for every month spent at the host institution;

Research at the University of Parma

for each year, this activity is conventionally assigned a number of credits in addition to those obtained with other activities, up to the 60 credits required.

For more details, see the regulation.

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