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Smart and Neuromorphic Biointerfacing systems

Gruppo Erokhin Introduction



Smart and Neuromorphic Biointerfacing systems section at the Department of Mathematical Physical and Computer Sciences of the University of Parma. Our research activities are based on on developing and studying materials, processes, devices and systems intrinsically endowed with tailored properties including the ability to smart transduce bio-signals, monitoring biomolecules and biomarkers, and for artificial synapses fully emulating the properties of the natural ones.

Neuromorphic systems and artificial intelligence
gruppo erokhin dispositivo memristivo organico
The development of genetically encoded photoswitchable fluorescent proteins is of greatest interest to expand the toolkit of fluorescent reporters suitable for super-resolution microscopy applications based on random activation of single molecules. We are exploiting YtvA, a photochromicblue light photoreceptor from Bacillus subtilis, as a fluorescent probe for superresolution microscopy. Current efforst include novel GAF domains.
Biomedicine: smart containers and personalized medical treatment
Gruppo Erokhin SEM images of capsules
This activity is connected to the realization of smart containers, allowing targeted delivery and induced release of pharmaceutical preparations to the diseased zones or to risk areas of the body. Ideally, the release of the pharmaceutical agents in the case when the disease occurs. If it is impossible, an external targeting can be done telematically by the physician, after the patient request and/or readings from sensors systems.
Bioelectronics and Bioinformatics systems
gruppo erokhin transistor organico
This activity is connected to the sensing and transduction of signals from parts of the living beings body (eyes, blood, brain, etc.) and interfacing these processed signals with computational and actuating elements. Innovation in materials, architectures, fabrication methods are all active themes of research including their applications to health, well being and improved environment for a better living.
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