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4 pieces of new physics - ciclo di seminari sulle nuove direzioni della ricerca della fisica al di là del Modello Standard

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Il gruppo di fisica teorica di Dipartimento in collaborazione con l'INFN ha organizzato un ciclo di 4 seminari, aperti a tutto il dipartimento, su aspetti della ricerca di nuova fisica al di là del Modello Standard: materia oscura, fisica delle particelle, onde gravitazionali. 

I seminari sono aperti a tutti.

1° incontro
Lorenzo Ubaldi

18 aprile 2018 ore 10.30 aula Maxwell del Plesso di Fisica

Speaker: Lorenzo Ubaldi, Sissa, Trieste
Titolo: What is Dark Matter?

Abstract: We don’t know, but we know rather well what it is not. After reviewing the evidences for this type of matter, I will discuss how particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology are looking for a convergence to solve the mystery. I will describe promising lines of investigation and, finally, I will briefly mention some aspects of my personal experience as researcher in an international context.

2° incontro
Alberto Salvio

23 maggio 2018 ore 10.30 aula Maxwell del Plesso di Fisica

Speaker: Alberto Salvio, Cern, Geneva
Titolo: Going beyond the standard paradigm

Abstract: The Standard Model of the strong and electroweak interactions (SM) together with Einstein’s general relativity (GR) is a very successful theory, which is able to explain all known interactions between the observed particles, including the recently discovered Higgs boson. There is, however, no doubt that both the SM and GR have to be extended. I will review some of the most important arguments that show the necessity of extending these standard paradigms and mention some extensions. I will also discuss what I think is a successful strategy in guessing the right path to go beyond such standard theory.

3 ° incontro

30 maggio 2018 ore 10.30 aula Maxwell del Plesso di Fisica

Speaker: Luca Vecchi,  EPFL, Lausanne
Titolo: Particle physics beyond the standard model

Abstract: Our current picture of the subatomic world is remarkably successful as well as incomplete. I will elaborate on the necessity to go beyond the Standard Model, but also and foremost on the numerous theoretical and experimental constraints that any of its extensions has to confront. Among the many open questions in particle physics phenomenology, a few of them, commonly known as “fine-tuning problems”, seem to challenge our intuition the most. I will review the main approaches to these puzzles and their implications.

4° incontro
Germano Nardini

6 giugno 2018 ore 10.30 aula Maxwell del Plesso di Fisica

Speaker: Germano Nardini, ITP, Bern
Titolo: Gravitational wave physics: a biased roadmap

Abstract: The recent gravitational wave detection performed by LIGO and VIRGO began a new era in astronomy, cosmology and fundamental physics.  Thanks to the current and forthcoming network of gravitational wave detectors, we are going to observe for the first time a plethora of phenomena that have never been measured before. In this talk we will try to forecast the kind of observations that the scientific community will perform in the next two decades. Particular emphasis will be devoted to some unprecedented methods allowing to test the Hubble law and the particle content of the Universe. The whole discussion will be based on the present understanding of gravitational wave physics; nevertheless the forthcoming data will likely highlight anomalies that only the future generation of physicists will be able to interpret correctly. 

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