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Colloquium on line: 27 maggio 2021 ore 16:30 - Società Italiana di Fisica Statistica - Peter Zoller - "Quantum Simulation & Measurement of Entanglement"

Prof. Peter Zoller
Luogo: link Teams 
Eventuale Collegamento Web:  https://www.fisicastatistica.org/
Relatore: Peter Zoller
Center for Quantum Physics, University of Innsbruck, and Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Innsbruck, Austrian Academy of Sciences
e-mail organizzatore: raffaella.burioni@unipr.it
Cold atoms and ions constitute not only a platform to build highly controlled quantum many-body systems, but also provide us with a unique toolbox to develop and implement novel measurement protocols for many-body observables. Here we discuss a 'randomized measurement toolbox', where we apply random unitaries to many-body quantum states in the quantum simulator, and statistical correlations between measured probabilities provides access to quantities characterizing entanglement. This includes (Renyi) entanglement entropies, or even a complete `learning' of the entanglement Hamiltonian and entanglement spectrum. We illustrate our theoretical concepts with experimental data showing build-up of entanglement in quench dynamics, which were taken on a programmable trapped-ion simulator realizing a long-range transverse Ising model.
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