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Martedì 14 Aprile - Ore 12:00 Seminario - Dr. Alessandro Nagar - Modeling the dynamics of tidally-interacting binary neutron stars up to merger

Luogo: Sala Feynman

Relatore: Dr. Alessandro -  NagarInstitut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, Bures-Sur-Yvette, FRANCE

E-mail organizzatore: roberto.depietri@fis.unipr.it


The data analysis of the gravitational wave signals emitted by coalescing neutron

star binaries requires the availability of an accurate analytical representation of

the dynamics and waveforms of these systems. We propose an effective-one-body (EOB)

model that describes the general relativistic dynamics of neutron star binaries from

the early inspiral up to merger. Our EOB model incorporates an enhanced attractive

tidal potential motivated by recent analytical advances in the post-Newtonian and

gravitational self-force description of relativistic tidal interactions. No fitting

parameters are introduced for the description of tidal interaction in the late,

strong-field dynamics. We compare the model energetics and the gravitational wave

phasing with new high-resolution multi-orbit numerical relativity simulations of

equal-mass configurations with different equations of state. We find agreement

within the uncertainty of the numerical data for all configurations. Our model is

the first semi-analytical model which captures the tidal amplification effects close

to merger. It thereby provides the most accurate analytical representation of binary

neutron star dynamics and waveforms currently available.

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