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Martedì 15 dicembre 2015, Colloquium Prof. Roberto Di Cosmo "Consistency and co-installability of software components"

prof. Roberto di Cosmo

Nell'ambito del Colloquium, Martedì 15 dicembre 2015 alle ore 15.00, presso la Sala delle Riunioni del Dipartimento (III piano), il Prof. Roberto Di Cosmo,  Université Paris Diderot, terrà un seminario dal titolo:

Consistency and co-installability of software components 


  Modern software systems are built by composing components drawn from large
  repositories, whose size and complexity is increasing at a very fast pace. A
  fundamental challenge for the maintainability and the scalability of such
  software systems is the ability to quickly identify the components that can or
  cannot be installed together: this problem is related to boolean
  satisfiability and is known to be algorithmically hard.

  We will provide a survey the classic results of this research area, and
  conclude with a short presentation of joint work with Jerome Vouillon: a
  novel approach to the problem, based on semantic preserving graph-theoretic
  transformations, that allows to extract from a concrete component repository
  a much smaller one with a simpler structure, but equivalent
  co-installability properties.

  This approach has been extensively tested on GNU/Linux distributions,
  and can be applied to a large class of component based systems. 

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