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Mercoledì 1 Dicembre 2021 ore 16:30 Seminario INFN Prof.ssa Teodora Kirova "Nonlinear phenomena using structured light"


Luogo: Aula Einstein

Relatrice: Prof.ssa  Teodora Kirova - Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy, Riga, Latvia

E-mail di riferimento: sandromarcel.wimberger@unipr.it



We deal with the control of atoms using structured light patterns. In the first part we will present
theoretical schemes for strongly confined localization of atoms in an excitation configuration of a
ladder, where a standing-wave or an optical vortex is used in the second step of the ladder. When a
standing wave is used, a periodic pattern of tightly localized regions with size bellow 1 nm can be
achieved. Applying a doughnut-shaped optical vortex results in ultraprecise 2D localization solely in
the zero-intensity center down to the nanometer scale. Auxiliary modulation to the two-photon
detuning allows for a 3D-confinement. Our calculations pave one-step closer to the development of
new subwavelength localization techniques for feasible experimental applications. In the second part
we will present a theoretical scheme for creating a two-dimensional Electromagnetically Induced
Grating in three-level systems interacting with a weak probe field and two simultaneous coupling
fields - a two-dimensional standing wave and an optical vortex beam. The analysis of the probe field
energy transfer to different orders of diffraction proves the possibility of direct control over the
performance of the grating

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