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15 Ottobre 2014 - Ore 16:30 - Seminario di Dipartimento - Andrea Tomadin - Optoelectronics in graphene

Relatore: Andrea Tomadin

Luogo: Aula Newton

E-mail organizzatore: raffaella.burioni@fis.unipr.it


Graphene, a two-dimensional honeycomb crystal of carbon atoms, has been

the object of an astounding research effort since its electronic

properties were first measured in the mid 2000s. The peculiarity of

graphene being a transparent conductor drew attention to its photonic and

optoelectronic properties and graphene was proposed as a material for

touchscreens and similar devices.  Graphene fundamental plasmonic

properties were studied early on.  However, since graphene plasmons

propagation and tunability were demonstrated experimentally, research to

make graphene a convenient plasmonic platform has become a very active

field.  Better fabrication procedures and measurement devices will soon

allow to access quantum plasmonic effects in graphene.  Moreover,

angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and ultrafast pump-probe

spectroscopy of graphene have allowed to measure effects of

electron-electron interactions in graphene, both in the equilibrium and in

the nonequilibrium regime. In this talk, I will present the basic graphene

properties and the theoretical description of low-energy electron physics

in graphene.  I will focus on some recent results regarding (i) the

plasmonic spectrum of graphene deposited on hexagonal boron nitride; (ii)

usage of plasma waves in graphene devices for photodetection purposes; and

electron dynamics following ultrafast optical perturbations.

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