Luogo: Aula Feynmann

Relatore: Pierfrancesco Buonsante - Istituto Nazionale di Ottica e LENS, Firenze

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We study the quantum dynamics of interacting bosons in a three-dimensional

disordered lattice. We show that the superfluid current induced by an

adiabatic acceleration of the disordered lattice undergoes a dynamical

instability signaling the onset of the Bose-glass phase. The dynamical

superfluid–Bose-glass phase diagram is found in very good agreement with

static superfluid fraction calculation. A different boundary is obtained

when the disorder is suddenly quenched in a moving periodic lattice. In

this case we do not observe a dynamical instability but rather a depletion

of the superfluid density. Our analysis is based on a dynamical Gutzwiller

approach which we show to reproduce the quantum Monte Carlo static phase

diagram in the strong interaction limit.

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