SEMINARIO DI FISICA TEORICA: Neutrinos in binary neutron star mergers: the fundamental microphysics for multimessenger astronomy


Speaker: Albino Perego (TU-Darmstadt)

When: 2017/04/19  11:30

Where: Physics building - Aula Feynmann

Abstract. Binary neutron star mergers are unique events, in which all fundamental interactions are involved in a dynamical and extreme regime. In addition to being primary sources of gravitational waves for ground-based detectors, they are expected to produce electromagnetic transients with peculiar signatures. The potential association of gravitational waves and electromagnetic signals qualifies them as an excellent scenario for the so-called multimessenger astronomy. Additionally, the high densities and temperatures reached during the merger trigger the production of a copious amount of neutrinos of all flavors. In this talk, I will review the major properties associated with the neutrino emission and I will show how its modelling is crucial to predict many observables associated with the merger. For example, I will present how neutrino absorption can affect the properties of matter ejected during the merger, and ultimately the characteristics of the expected nucleosynthesis and electromagnetic signal. Moreover, I will discuss how neutrino pair annihilation can contribute to the formation of a relativistic jet.

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