Seminario INFN

Mercoledì 5 Luglio 2017

Ore 15:30 Aula Feymann

Relatore: Alessandro Codello - CP-3 Origins, University of Southern Denmark,  Odense -  Denmark



I'll describe the family of renormalizable scalar QFTs with self-interacting potentials of highest monomial φ^m below their upper critical dimensions dc = 2m/(m -2),


and study them using a combination of CFT constraints, Schwinger-Dyson equation and the free theory behavior at the upper critical dimension.


For even integers m ≥ 4 these theories coincide with the Landau-Ginzburg description of multi-critical phenomena and interpolate with the unitary minimal models


 in d = 2, while for odd m the theories are non-unitary and start at m = 3 with the Lee-Yang universality class. For all the even potentials and for the Lee-Yang universality class,


I show how the assumption of conformal invariance is enough to compute the scaling dimensions of the local operators φ^k and of some families of structure constants at leading order.

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