Yes, we are critic! A physicist’s reflections on science, life and mind

Dove: Aula Galilei Plesso Fisico

Relatore: Joaquin Marro

Note sul Relatore:  Institute Carlos I for Theoretical and Computational Physics, University of Granada - Spain

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 A new scientific perspective ―which is fully interdisciplinary and some come to call “Science of Complexity”― uses concepts tested in physics and precise tools, proposes to look for a coherent description of nature, and today already allows one to deep on issues related with the structure and functioning of the brain and the essence of life. Its strategy, actually guiding part of the current progress of knowledge, consists in noticing that form and function are in nature closely interrelated, constantly influencing each other, and that both follow from an intimate cooperation between elements which is able to propagate through the system information and order with great agility. In this way, guided by genes as well as by a constant interaction with the outside, living systems manage to establish a very adaptable and extremely sensitive critical condition that strives to go optimizing structure and functional efficiency. This talk, with some impact on the universality of the scientific description, presents the book (so far only in Spanish, sorry) “La Mente es Crítica: Descubriendo la admirable complejidad del cerebro”, by J. Marro and Dante R. Chialvo (EUG, Granada 2017) which illustrates details of relevant scenarios in biology, neuroscience, physics and sociology at the same time that key concepts such as intelligence and health. It is also a close reference the speaker’s book “Physics, Nature and Society: A Guide to Order and Complexity in Our World” (Springer, Berlin 2014).

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