Luogo: Aula Newton - Plesso Fisico

Relatore: Prof. Luigi Guzzo - Università Statale di Milano - Dipartimento di Fisica

I will review progress in the study of the large-scale structure of the Universe, drawing from the
results of my recently completed “Darklight” project supported by the European Research Council (ERC).
These include the development and analysis of the VIPERS galaxy survey with the ESO Very Large
Telescope (VLT). VIPERS mapped an unprecedented volume of the Universe at z=0.5-1.2, measuring
redshifts for nearly 100,000 galaxies. Measurements of galaxy clustering and the growth rate of structure
were used to test deviations from General Relativity (GR) on large scales, one way to explain the observed
acceleration of cosmic expansion. After discussing the VIPERS findings, I will show some highlights from a
recent work based on forward modelling galaxy clustering using numerical simulations, which provides
strong support to GR. Finally, I will mention expectations in this area from the future ESA Euclid mission, to
be launched in 2022


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