Dr. Claudio Mazzoli
Brookhaven National Laboratories
National Synchrotron Light Source II

Aula Newton ore 16:30

A coherent picture of (some) Quantum Materials

Quantum materials are focusing an increasing level of attention in order to understand and fully exploit their innovative potential applications. At NSLS-II, we are interested in investigating their relevant electronic phases, their dynamics and their coherence length scales in an effort to produce a consistent microscopic picture of their functionalities and response to external stimuli. CSX (Coherent Soft X-ray scattering) beamline exploits the high coherence and stability of NSLS-II source to image (raster scanning) and to reconstruct (inverse Fourier methods) relevant electronic orderings with sub-100 nm resolution. In my talk, I will present some recent studies of quantum materials, focusing on their electronic order parameters and interactions, inhomogeneity and time evolution. Examples will include charge ordering in cuprate high temperature superconductors and magnetic ordering in artificially patterned thin films.


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