Giovedì 31/03/2022 alle ore 14.30, per il ciclo di seminari BAT-MAT, presso l’aula B del plesso di Matematica e Informatica, il ricercatore del nostro dipartimento dott. Giorgio Martalò terrà un seminario dal titolo: 

Singularities in shockwave solutions of  moment equations for gasdynamics.


Abstract: After showing that Navier-Stokes equations do not satisfactorily describe the shock thickness, we analyze and discuss the classical problem of shockwave solutions in the framework of moment equations. Since Grad’s work, these models have immediately shown some limitations; in particular, the hyperbolic structure of these equations provides a continuous shock structure up to a certain Mach number, while from this value on the solution exhibits a non-physical discontinuity (sub-shock). To improve such result, other hyperbolic models involving a higher number of moments have been proposed in extended thermodynamics. This approach seems not to allow significant extensions of the Mach number range that guarantees a continuous solution, and the solutions can exhibit additional singularities due to other characteristic speeds. In this talk, by means of a geometrical approach, we want to discuss such singularities for different moment closures.

Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare, al termine del seminario verrà offerto un piccolo rinfresco in Common room.

Gli organizzatori: Davide AddonaPaolo BaroniNicoletta Tardini.

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