Luogo: Aula Einstein

Relatore: Dott. Marco Bianchi  - School of Physics and Astronomy, Queen Mary, University of London

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For planar N=4 SYM and ABJM theories, the conjectured integrability of the

spectral problem allows for computing exactly a plethora of observables.

In this talk I will review recent checks of integrability for the

three-dimensional ABJM theory at strong coupling, using perturbation theory

in the dual superstring sigma model.

In particular I will sketch the computation of the strong coupling two-loop

corrections to the cusp anomalous dimension and the one-loop corrections to

the dispersion relations of the excitations on top of the vacuum.

These results can be compared to predictions from integrability, showing

partial agreement and some discrepancies due to the limitations of the

perturbative approach.

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