Relatrice: Professoressa Anna Maria Fino, Università di Torino

Quando: Lunedì 20 Gennaio 2020, ore 16:30

Luogo: Sala Riunioni, III piano, Plesso di Matematica.

Titolo: Closed G_2-structures

Abstract: G_2-structures  on 7-manifolds are  defined by a closed positive 3-forms and   constitute the starting point in various known and potential methods to obtain holonomy G_2-metrics.  Although linear, the closed condition for a G_2-structure  is  very restrictive, and no general results on the existence of closed  G_2-structures on compact 7-manifolds are known.
In the seminar  I will  review  known examples of compact 7-manifolds admitting a closed G_2-structure.  Moreover,  I will  discuss some results on the behaviour of the Laplacian G_2-flow starting from a closed G_2-structure whose induced metric satisfies suitable extra conditions.

Organizzatore: prof. Adriano Tomassini

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