Luogo: Sala Feynman

Relatore: Dott. Andrea Mauri Dipartimento di Fisica Università di Milano Bicocca

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After a short review of some selected aspects of integrability in N=4 SYM theory, mainly focusing on the special properties

of the model which allow for the emergence of the integrable structures, I will introduce N=2 superconformal QCD as a

quantum field theory ideally interpolating between N=4 SYM and QCD.  I will then present a two-loop analysis of the

on-shell four-point scattering amplitudes in N=2 SCQCD,  showing that even in the sector with external particles in the

vector multiplet, the amplitude/Wilson loop duality is inevitably broken. I will comment on how this might affect the

possible extension to N=2 SCQCD of the integrable structures which are present in the case of N=4 SYM.


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