Relatore: Prof. Frank Loeffler CCT, Luisiana State University Baton Rouge (Luisiana), USA

Luogo: Sala Feynman

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Stencil computations are a class of algorithms which perform nearest-neighbor

computation, often on a multi-dimensional grid. This type of calculation forms the

basis for computer simulations across almost every field of science, including numerical

relativity and astrophysics. The increasing computational speed of graphics processing

units (GPUs) make their use for stencil computations an interesting goal.

However, achieving highly efficient implementations is often nontrivial, as numerous

publications attest. In this talk, I present our proposal of an analytic performance

model for stencil codes on GPUs, which both delivers close-to optimal performance,

but at the same time does not require extensive tuning at compile or run time.

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