Mercoledì 24 settembre ore 14.00

il prof. Akhtam Dzhalilov (Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent), Mercoledì 24 Settembre 2014 ore 14.00, presso la Sala delle Riunioni del Dipartimento, terrà un seminario dal titolo

On Invariant Measures and Conjugacies of Circle Maps with Singularity Points

Abstract: We will consider piecewise-smooth circle homeomorphisms f with finite many singularity points of break type, that is, maps that are smooth everywhere except for several points at which the first derivative Df has a jump. It is well known that the invariant measures and conjugacies of sufficiently smooth circle diffeomorphisms are absolutely continuous. But in the case of maps with break type singularity points the results are quite different.  We will discuss about invariant measures and conjugacies of such maps.

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Prof. Lorenzo Nicolodi

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