Il quarto e ultimo incontro del ciclo “4 pieces of new physics” avrà luogo mercoledì 6 giugno 2018 alle10.30 nell’Aula Maxwell del Plesso di Fisica.

Il dottor Germano Nardini dell’Istituto di Fisica Teorica dell’Università di Berna terrà un seminario dal titolo:

Gravitational wave physics: a biased roadmap

Il seminario è aperto a tutti


The recent gravitational wave detection performed by LIGO and VIRGO began a new era in astronomy, cosmology and fundamental physics.  Thanks to the current and forthcoming network of gravitational wave detectors, we are going to observe for the first time a plethora of phenomena that have never been measured before. In this talk we will try to forecast the kind of observations that the scientific community will perform in the next two decades. Particular emphasis will be devoted to some unprecedented methods allowing to test the Hubble law and the particle content of the Universe. The whole discussion will be based on the present understanding of gravitational wave physics; nevertheless the forthcoming data will likely highlight anomalies that only the future generation of physicists will be able to interpret correctly.


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