Cultural Heritage

Our research group has a strong tradition at international level on the analysis of artworks (potteries, frescoes, paintings, glasses, musical instruments...), carried out to characterize the manufacts and monitor their degradation as a support for the restoreres to contribute to their knowledge and history.

Minerals - Gemstones - Geology - Asbestos

Minerals, rocks, gemstones and inclusions are studied in collaboration with other academic institutions.

Gems and precious materials are investigated in situ with non-destructive spectroscopic techniques.

Asbestos materials and mineral fibres, of great interest in toxicity studies, are identified and mapped on a micrometric scale. 


Raman spectroscopy is a characterization technique especially effective in the semiconductors field, giving the opportunity to obtain (often with a non destructive approach) a wide range of information. In particular, it is very interesting its application in the field of semiconductors thin films (1 micron thickness) such as CIG(S,Se), CI(S,Se), CG(S,Se) and more recently Sb2Se3, for photovoltaic application.

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