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The interests of the Research Group covers a variety of topics, from the calculus of variations to infinite-dimensional analysis.


Emilio ACERBI   
Calculus of Variations, Mechanics of elastic solids, Image reconstruction, Micromagnetic Materials.
Systems of Kolmogorov Equations, infinite dimensional Analysis, Stochastic PDE, Malliavin Calculus.
Paolo BARONI   
Regularity estimates for p-Laplacian-type equations and systems, Problems with non-standard growth conditions, Linear potential theory for measure data problems.
Marino BELLONI   
Calculus of Variations, Nonconvex noncoercive problems, The Lavrentiev phenomenon, Infinity Laplacian operator.
Filippo CAGNETTI   
Calculus of Variations, Geometric measure theory, Homogenization, PDEs.
Pietro CELADA   
Calculus of Variations, Lower semicontinuity, Nonconvex minimum problems.
Alessandra COSCIA   
Calculus of Variations, Nonstandard growth operators.
Regularity theory, Nonlinear potential theory, Nonlinear PDE.
Degenerate and nondegenerate elliptic and parabolic operators, Unbounded coefficients in unbounded domains, Reaction-diffusion systems, Free boundary problems.
Giuseppe MINGIONE   
Calculus of Variations, Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs.
Francesco MORANDIN 
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Shell Models of Turbulence.
Massimiliano MORINI   
Calculus of Variations, Geometric Variational Problems, Geometric Flows.
Domenico MUCCI   
Geometric Measure Theory, Theoretical Mechanics.
Giampiero PALATUCCI   
Calculus of Variations, Nonlocal and Nonlinear PDE, Integro-differential operators.
Stefano PANIZZI   
Periodic ODE, Nonlinear wave equations, Analytic regularity.
Alessandro ZACCAGNINI   
Distribution of prime numbers, Additive problems similar to Goldbach’s, The Riemann Zeta-function.
Filomena De Filippis
Supervisor: E. Acerbi.
Ciclo XXXVI. 
Advisor: A. Lunardi
Ciclo XXXVI.
Advisor: G. Palatucci
Ciclo XXIX.
Tutors: S. Polidoro (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia) and P. Baroni

National Research Projects

PRIN 2022 - Geometric Evolution Problems and Shape Optimization (GEPSO) (2022E9CF89)
Coordinatore Nazionale: N. Fusco (Università di Napoli Federico II). 
Coordinatore Locale Unità di Parma: M. Morini.
Start date: Sept. 28, 2023. End date: Sept. 27, 2025.
PRIN PNRR - Magnetic skyrmions, skyrmionic bubbles and domain walls for spintronic applications (P2022WJW9H)
Coordinatore Nazionale: C. Muratov (Università di Pisa). 
Coordinatore Locale Unità di Parma: M. Morini.
Start date: Sept. 28, 2023. End date: Sept. 27, 2025.

Activities and Events

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Research Areas

The research interests of the faculty members of the department encompass a wide range of areas in Mathematics, Physics, and Theoretical Computer Science.
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Seminars and Events

The Faculty members in the department are actively involved in organizing a diverse array of scientific activities. These include recurring series of Research Seminars in Mathematics and Physics, along with workshops and conferences of international relevance.
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Centro Congressi Santa Elisabetta

Conferences, Workshops, and other Events

Faculty members at the department actively coordinate numerous scientific events both nationally and internationally. Many of these activities take place in Parma and are hosted at the Science and Technology Campus by the Centro Congressi Santa Elisabetta.
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