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The research areas of the Computer Science group span across various fields and their multi-disciplinary applications. Below is a non-exhaustive list of them: 

  • Software security 
  • Software verification 
  • Program analysis 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Bioinformatics  
  • Graph theory 
  • Data mining and analytics 


Vincenzo ARCERI
Static Program Analysis and Verification, Abstract interpretation.
Software Verification, Functional Safety, Cybersecurity, Program Analysis, Abstract Interpretation.
Artificial Intelligence, Multi-agent Systems, Automated Reasoning.
Data Mining and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence.
Vincenzo BONNICI
Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Network Science.
Alessandro DAL PALÙ
Explainable AI, Knowledge Representation, and Automated Reasoning.
Eleonora IOTTI
Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning. 
Structural and Algorithmic Graph Theory. 
Formal Methods, Static Analysis, Abstract Interpretation.
Artificial intelligence, geometry processing, computer graphics.
Ciclo XXXV
Advisor: F. Bergenti

National Research Projects

PNRR - Strengthening the MIRRI Italian Research Infrastructure for Sustainable Bioscience and Bioeconomy (SUS-MIRRI.IT)
Local Coordinator: V. Bonnici. The grant is funded by the NextGeneration EU Programme.
PR-FESR EMILIA ROMAGNA 2021-2027 - AI4ChemoBrain - Machine learning/artificial intelligence models for personalised medicine: development of a predictive demonstrator of cognitive impairment during chemotherapy based on subject-derived omics and phenotypic data
Local Coordinator: F. Bertini.
FIN-RER EMILIA ROMAGNA 2020 - MIPEPS: Regional Database to Improve the Care Pathways in the Emergency Room
Local Coordinator: F. Bertini.
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Research Areas

The research interests of the faculty members of the department encompass a wide range of areas in Mathematics, Physics, and Theoretical Computer Science.
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Seminars and Events

The Faculty members in the department are actively involved in organizing a diverse array of scientific activities. These include recurring series of Research Seminars in Mathematics and Physics, along with workshops and conferences of international relevance.
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Conferences, Workshops, and other Events

Faculty members at the department actively coordinate numerous scientific events both nationally and internationally. Many of these activities take place in Parma and are hosted at the Science and Technology Campus by the Centro Congressi Santa Elisabetta.
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