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The Research Group in Numerical Analysis at the Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Sciences of the University of Parma is dedicated to advancing the theoretical and numerical understanding of Boundary Element Methods (BEM) and their diverse applications. Over the past decade, our focus has been primarily directed towards the comprehensive exploration of BEM's effectiveness in solving hyperbolic equations within the realms of scalar wave propagation and elastodynamics across both two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) spaces. This ongoing research encompasses various satellite topics, with particular emphasis on the following key areas:

  • BEM/BEM and BEM/FEM coupling techniques for multi-layered media 
  • contact problems  
  • Finance barrier options pricing 
  • numerical integration schemes for singular integrals 
  • fast techniques for the linear system construction and resolution


Alessandra AIMI 
Energetic BEM and BEM-FEM for acoustic and elastic wave propagation in time domain with advanced applications; IgA-BEM; collocation BEM for option evaluation in Finance; quadrature techniques for weakly, strongly and hyper- singular integrals; decomposition in subspaces method for differential and integral problems with invariance property w.r.t. groups of congruences; BEM/B-splines for industrial problems.
Weak formulations for wave propagation problems; energetic BEM and BEM-FEM for acoustic and elastic wave propagation in time domain; quadrature techniques for weakly, strongly and hyper- singular integrals; methods of subspaces decomposition for problems invariant w.r.t. symmetry group; numerical methods for finance models; numerical methods for kinetic theory
Numerical analysis of Energetic BEM for wave propagation in 2D; unilateral and bilateral contact problems by Energetic BEM; BEM-FEM coupling for fluid-structure interaction problems; Energetic BEM with adaptive refinement; quadrature schemes for singular integrals.

National Research Projects

PRIN-PNRR 2022: MATHematical tools for predictive maintenance and PROtection of CULTtural heritage (MATHPROCULT).
Coordinatore Nazionale: M. Semplice (Università dell'Insubria). 
Coordinatore Locale Unità di Parma: F. Freddi.
Start date: Sept. 28, 2023. End date: Sept. 27, 2025.
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