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PhD in Physics


The oral exam in presence will take place on Monday 5th December, in the Sala Riunioni Direzione at the Physics Department, Parco Area delle Scienze 7/a, Parma.
The distance oral exam will take place electronically through the Microsoft Teams platform, as reported in the PhD call announcement.
The candidates who have requested to participate to the oral examination online must be available on Monday 5th December within the following time-slots:

- Dott. Artem Alexandrov: from 03:45 PM to 04:15 PM, Italian time
- Dott.ssa Hina Inam: from 04:30 PM to 05:15 PM, Italian time

During these scheduled time slots the candidates will be called twice by the PhD board. If they won’t be available during these time slots, they will be considered “no show” and excluded from the evaluation of
the oral exam.

The PhD exam board

Competition Notice PhD XXXVIII cycle - a.a. 2022/2023 BANDO SUPPLETIVO

The call for PhD positions in Physics will open on November14. 

Candidates can find instructions on how to submit their application on the University of Parma Doctoral studies web site 

DEADLINE: November 29, 2022 

The on-line submission procedure will be availabile from November 14, 2022

In the application for the competitive examination, the candidate must choose and specify one research. The candidate may indicate a second priority choice.  

Further information on the research topics can be found in the document at the bottom of this page. 

Research Topics XXXVIII phd physics 2022 BANDO SUPPLETIVO

  1. Characterization of molecular spins for quantum technologies by conventional and innovative magnetometric techniques
  2. Realistic modelling of molecular qubits
  3. Controlling open quantum systems



General description

The PhD in Physics, with a duration of 3 years, is established as a unifying element of the third-level University education in the Physics` area. Besides their main commitment to the research activity, students are supposed to spend a substantial part of their training period in attending advanced courses as well as national and international schools. Students are encouraged to spend part of their time abroad in order to participate in scientific collaborations in their fields of interest and follow advanced courses in support of their research program. During the three-years, teaching commitments are progressively reduced towards a full time engagement in the research activity. The evaluation of the training program is carried out - at the end of each year - through open seminars held by the students. The independent scientific research is expected to lead to publication of results in international, peer reviewed journals. The ultimate goal of the PhD in physics is a highly specialized scientific training that opens professional carriers in academic institutions and research laboratories, either public or private. More information on the structure of the PhD course can be found at this link.

The PhD in Physics is divided into three areas corresponding to major groups of disciplines of Physical Sciences covered by the research activity of the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer SciencesCondensed Matter and Materials Physics, Theoretical Physics, Biophysics and Applied Physics.

Information on the ongoing Research activity in Physics in our Department can be found in 

PhD Physics Courses

Courses offered to students enrolled in the Ph.D. in Physics includes

The list of courses can be found below, including interdisciplinary courses.


Request of authorization for attending external courses
If you wish to attend a course other than those offered by the PhD in Physics or the Doctoral School in Science and Technology, please fill in the form below (modulo_autorizzazione corsi esterni, English version soon available) and submit it to the chair of doctoral studies committee before the course starts.

Exam certification
After attending any course, including those offered by the PhD in Physics or the Doctoral School in Science and Technology, please ask the teacher(s) to fill in a report assessing his/her evaluation using the form below (modulo_certificazione_esami, English version soon available).
If you attend a school, please provide at least a certificate of attendance and, if applicable, an assessment by the school organizer(s) reporting an evaluation of your participation.

Submit the document(s) to the chair of doctoral studies committee at the end of the course/school.



Interdisciplinary Courses

Project writing - Dott.ssa Silvia Tavernini

Pubblicare in ambiente accademico: Open Science, Open Access, FAIR Data - Dott.ssa Giada Costa

Study skills: English for Academic Purposes - Prof.ssa Anila Ruth Scott-Monkhouse


PhD regulations
PhD regulations
The PhD Regulations, adopted by the Doctorate Board, set out who is eligible to become a PhD candidate, the duties Candidates have to fulfill, what the tasks of the supervisor are and the criteria that the dissertation has to meet.
Below you can find links to the relevant documents PhD students and supervisors must refer to.
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